The Money Box

1, Market Place  Barton-upon-Humber Lincolnshire DN15 5DA

Telephone: 01652 634799

All Items considered

Buy-back within 28 days

Can roll over for longer


28 Day buy-back service

Need cash fast?

Don't want to give up article permanently?

At the Money Box, we will convert your item into INSTANT CASH, store it securely until the agreed time, when you can buy it back.

Rapid access to CASH

Private transaction

SOLVES short-term cash problem

Get cash for the same item time after time.  This is a really flexible & useful money facility.


Win, win win for all

You get cash Fast

There is no outright sale of the article

BUY BACK at a little more than we bought from you & less than you would pay to buy the item again at retail price

 Initial 28-day agreement

Option to roll-over for longer 

This is a really flexible and stress-free way to access money fast 

All parties to the transaction get a fair deal

A totally confidential service

Q & A

Is it necessary for me to wait 28 days before redeeming my item?
You may redeem your item at any time up to 28 days. However, the fee is fixed for the 28 day term, regardless of when you buy it back.

Can I extend the period beyond the 28 days?
Yes, you simply pay an additional fee for us to hold it for an agreed extended period.

What happens if I don't redeem the item up to and including the 28th day?
If you fail to contact us and don't renew within the time limit, you will not be able to redeem the item and we will be able to sell it.

Do I need to keep my paperwork?
Please keep your documents in a safe place. If you lose your agtreement, it will still be possible to redeem your item, but we will charge a lost document fee.

Ebay Shop

Our Money Box shop in Barton-upon-Humber is full of bargain items for sale, but if you are not local or too busy to call in, our ebay on-line store is the perfect solution. Items can be purchased and sent by post or you can easily click and collect at your convenience.